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high popularity Appearance of new, stylish, dazzling lights, attract more players; players to participate in interactive, lasting interest, but also people involved in parent-child interaction, oh; developed playground scene, but can be adapted to different ages of the players.
product safety and quality Trade to the domestic product, the product has passed the European CE certification, the U.S. FCC certification, China Compulsory Certification 3C, ISO9001 quality certification; appearance of rounded corners, no sharp corners, rotating parts are done shadowing processing
lower prices Factory direct, cut the middle dealers increase; monthly sales of 3,000 units, the scale of production, vendor stability, lower raw material procurement costs.
1 hour response, a variety of free tailor-made investment solutions, providing investment planning free; cooperation began, customer tracking service three months, conducted weekly counseling operations, but also provide more operating experience peer sharing.

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  • Classical music bar car, summer sales to new high! Classical music bar car, summer sales to new high!
    Hua Qin Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd. in 2014 the new value of music bar car, also called the fifth generation of free and unfettered fun car! The product is sold, value-added benefits to enjoy value to you, let you sit on the time...[VIEW]
  • 3D vintage car game machine with you feel brand new 3D vintage car game machine with you feel brand new
    3D vintage car game machine is a what kind of game machine, game machine 3D vintage car where to play? Manufacturers in where? Customer service problems how to solve?Hua Qin recreation can give you the answer, is to simulate the 3...[VIEW]
  • The children shook his car styling image lifelike, lovely, pleasant music, loved by children The children shook his car styling image lifelike, lovely, p
    Asked what the most cost-effective investment? It is absolutely the children coin shook his car! The rocking car children, relaxed, happy to invest money. A one-time purchase of dozens of shake car, distributed to the high streets...[VIEW]
  • success
  • Guangdong Taishan Wang Plaza Project
    Guangdong Taishan Wa
  • Nanchang Hengmao dream Times Square Project
    Nanchang Hengmao dre
  • Xinjiang Bole playground project
    Xinjiang Bole playgr
  • Lingshan district project of Tai
    Lingshan district pr
  • Nanning Wanda Plaza
    Nanning Wanda Plaza
  • Fortune Plaza project, Longgang Town, Cangnan County
    Fortune Plaza projec
  • Chengdu waterfront project
    Chengdu waterfront p
  • Lingshan Guangxi pedestrian street project
    Lingshan Guangxi ped
  • Indoor recreation project in Anhui, Huaibei
    Indoor recreation pr
  • Wal - Mart Supermarket Project of Guilin
    Wal - Mart Supermark
  • QATechnical personnel are very high for the product requirements, and strive to achieve zero defect products
  • InnovationHas a strong technical team, technology leading edge
  • ReputationGood reputation, reputation casting quality brand
  • OpennessOpen the children's amusement equipment never specification fixed rules
  • InterestIn different point of view, is not tired of playing a long time
  • SensesLet children naturally cultivate aesthetic values, this is also a kind of aesthetic education
  • To playTo implement regional protection policies, to ensure that the franchisee's long-term interests
  • DifferentChildren's age and ability differs according to different design, different age
  • Be settled down
  • Wanda Plaza, Guangxi, Nanning
    Wanda Plaza, Guangxi, Nanning
  • Shenzhen Happy Valley
    Shenzhen Happy Valley
  • Guangzhou long long joy in the world
    Guangzhou long long joy in the
  • A Buddism godness Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park of Dongguan
    A Buddism godness Guanyin Moun
  • Oil Paradise Park
    Oil Paradise Park
  • Shenzhen children
    Shenzhen children's Park Trave
  • Fruit worm
    Fruit worm
  • Children
    Children's playground
  • Dulu Du than farm
    Dulu Du than farm
  • The Beijing playground
    The Beijing playground
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